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It's all about the #SorellaSelfie!

Jessica Petersen

Posted on August 24 2014

So, I am about to have my second baby and this's a GIRL!!  I am thrilled and excited, but I can't help but fear that she grow up with the same body issues that her mommy grew up facing. It scares me to death! and I want to do everything in my motherly power to shield her from those stigmas. The good thing is I have a company where my customers inspire me everyday! All of you give me the inspiration and the motivation to continue designing and producing swimwear that fits women of all different shapes and sizes. We are all unique and beautiful and that is what I want to teach my daughter. 

Please continue to inspire me with your fabulous emails, feedback and photos!!  I want to show my daughter how proud my customers are to strut their stuff in Sorella Swim!

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Sorella Selfie