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Wanderlust Wednesdays | Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Elise Schuetz

Posted on February 25 2015

This week's escape we looked into an adventurous location with something very different to try. . . swimming with jellyfish! When we first heard of this location and saw the video below we were amazed and quickly added it to our travel bucket list! The jellyfish themselves are essentially harmless which makes them ok to swim with. Jellyfish Lake is located within the island group of Palau (Mecherchar Island specifically). Palau is a self-contained oasis that is apart of the most western island group called the West Caroline Islands. The West Caroline Islands are apart of Micronesia. There are many options of accommodations ranging from motels, resorts to liveaboards (yachts/boats) you are sure to find a place to stay that fits your needs. Jellyfish Lake is one of the highlights of the islands. Scuba diving is not allowed due to the danger it poses to the jellyfish and the layer of hydrogen sulfide at the bottom of the lake is a threat to humans, however snorkeling is allowed! The little Golden Jellies migrate throughout the lake to keep themselves in the sun and out of the shaded shore edges. These tiny creatures are not "stingless", but their stings are undetectable (except on sensitive skin like the lips). All in all we think this place is magical and gives you an up close view of some marine life you normally wouldn't touch or go around! Bring your Sorella Swim along and you will be set!

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