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Swimwear Care Instructions

Sorella Swim® and Sweetie Swim™ are dedicated to providing you with the high quality and craftsmanship you expect in your swimwear!

Please refer to and practice the following care instructions/techniques so your swimwear will stay looking brand new for many years to come.


  • Your swimsuit was made with special dyes to achieve a vibrant color. Due to the nature of these special dyes some bleeding may occur when exposed to sunlight, chlorine and/or salt water.
  • HAND RINSE your swimsuit thoroughly after each use in COLD water.
  • ALWAYS HAND WASH SEPARATELY. Do not wash with any other colors.
  • Do not wear your swimsuit in spas and heated pools, as the chemicals will bleach fabrics and cause deterioration.
  • Always lay flat to dry, away from direct sunlight. NEVER twist your swimsuit to dry.
  • NEVER machine wash or dry.
  • Avoid suntan lotions and deodorant near your swimsuit, as lotions can damage the rubber and fabrics.
  • Avoid rough surfaces, as these surfaces can snag and damage your swimsuit.

Thank you and enjoy your Sorella Swim® and Sweetie Swim™!